The term “Staffordshire pottery” refers to earthenware ceramics manufactured in the county of Staffordshire, the traditional center of the pottery industry in England since the mid- 18th century. Mid- to late-19th century Staffordshire pottery figurines and other items were found in many Victorian-era homes, and are considered particularly collectible today. Such pieces were manufactured in a wide variety of designs, typically hand-painted in bright colors that make each piece one-of-a-kind. Queen Victoria and her family (including her King Charles spaniels) were popular figurine subjects, as were a variety of historical figures, animals, and other subjects. Often these pieces have a whimsical folk-art-like feel, and make a great focal point for any shelf, mantelpiece or table-top.

Sheila Ferguson Victorian Staffordshire is based in Chestnut Hill, PA, and has been exhibiting at The Main Line Antiques Show since it was founded in 2005. English Staffordshire figures, animals, and cottages, circa 1850-1860 are Sheila Ferguson’s specialty. Stop by her booth at the Show and discover the unique charm of Staffordshire pottery!

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