Antiques fit the bill to the letter, the letter “R” for reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Buying antiques reduces the use of valuable water supplies and energy sources such as electricity and fossil fuels which go into the manufacturing of new furniture and accessories.  It also reduces the use of some of the toxic substances that are used in the manufacturing process, as well as many of our precious natural resources such as rainforest wood.  Buying antique instead of new helps conserve all of the earth’s resources!

Purchasing something made long ago and putting it to use –instead of buying something new–reuses items that are made of quality materials that have stood the test of time.  New items are often not built to last, and may end up in landfills eventually. The craftsmanship and beauty of these original pieces are often copied now with much less quality for mass-manufacturing.  The surprising thing is, at times the price of an original antique isn’t much different than what you might pay for the replica.

Many antiques have intrinsic value that often increases with age, making it worthwhile to repair and restore them rather than throw them away.  And some items that were created to be functional are now valued for their craftsmanship, aesthetics, beauty, and the stories that they tell.  Preserving items for their decorative and historical value and repurposing them is recycling items from long ago for use in our 21st century lives.

Purchasing, treasuring, and preserving antiques are ways to give back to the earth. Go green , and think “antique.”