The Ivory Tower (Marvin Baer) has been specializing in fine Asian and European ceramics since 1984.   “We specialize primarily in Meiji Period Japanese ceramics with a heavy emphasis on Satsuma earthenware and Imari porcelain,” says Matthew Baer of The Ivory Tower (Marvin Baer). “We are very happy with our current inventory of Satsuma, with several top artists represented in our inventory. These works include two pieces by the master of Satsuma, Yabu Meizan.”

The Ivory Tower (Marvin Baer) is now in its 10th year with The Main Line Antiques Show. “We have been doing the Show since its inception — always with good results,” says Matthew. “The attendees tend to be quite knowledgeable which makes our job easier and this Show gives us the opportunity to see and meet collectors who do not attend other shows.”

Their booth at the Show is sure to impress!

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