One of this year’s Show exhibitors, Leatherwood Antiques of Sandwich, Massachusetts, was featured on the show Martha Stewart Antiques in a segment titled “Antiques:  19th Century British Children’s China.” During that time period, plates and mugs were given to children as gifts. In the video, Martha Stewart and Leatherwood Antiques owner Mo Wajselfish discuss the history behind a collection of 19th century British children’s china.

Mr. Wajselfish was also featured in the New York Times article, “Antiques:  Presents for Children, Good and Bad.” In the article, Mr. Wajselfish says, “I grew up in England, and the humor and charm of this china always got me emotionally.” He says, “They were produced by very small workshops.  They started with christening mugs, and went to humor, politics– every subject you can think of. These included sayings by Benjamin Franklin, and they were given as rewards for good behavior, diligence, etc.”

In addition to children’s pottery, Leatherwood Antiques specializes in high-quality unusual objects, in garden, folk art and painted objects, Black Forest carvings, sailor’s wool work pictures known as “woolies,” whip holders, and cold painted Vienna bronzes.

Leatherwood Antiques does not maintain a gallery, but posts new items on their website. To learn more about the history of the items they carry, see their website for articles that have been published about  these items. To contact them by phone call 508-420-1433, or email      pix-003[1]