Taylor Thistlethwaite is a returning Main Line Antiques Show dealer.  At thirty-one, he represents the next generation of dealers to be involved in the Show.  He started in Kentucky and his business, Thistlethwaite Americana, is located in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Thistlethwaite has a passion for American history and also feels one should be surrounded by beautiful objects. With a close eye to aesthetics and quality, he travels across the country finding antiques for museums, and both experienced and novice collectors. For him, collecting is a way of life. He buys what he loves, and he loves American furniture, pre-1830, in good condition.

Thistlethwaite will be bringing American paintings from the 18th century to The Main Line Antiques Show.  He will include a painting by a talented 1900’s artist, Gladys Nelson Smith.  At his booth at the Show there will in addition be some Pennsylvania art, a Philadelphia mahogany tea table from 1760 to 1770, a few southern items, a chest of drawers made in Indiana and a marriage bowl, English Delft 1769, with a beautiful inscription.

Thistlethwaite emphasizes the history, authenticity, and value of each piece he has on offer. You’ll want to see his intriguing collection.  Do stop by his booth at the Show and chat with him.

Thistlethwaite Americana:
Delft Marriage Bowl