For nearly 40 years, co-owners of The Norwoods’ Spirit of America, Bev and Doug Norwood of Timonium Maryland, have specialized in Americana of the 18th and early 19th centuries, with focus on one-of-a-kind folk art; advanced schoolgirl theorems, watercolors and needlework; and paint-decorated smalls in original surface. Bev also lectures, writes and consults in the genre of early American folk art. Come see them at The Main Line Antiques Show!

Some representative pieces are shown in the photographs below:

Splendid oil on canvas portait of a three-masted American clipper ship, proudly flying its country’s flag upon entrance to the Port of Liverpool. Artist: William Howard Yorke (1847-1921) Exceptional period frame.

Well-carved and finely painted wooden whirlygig of a dapper young male. From a longtime Oyster Bay, New York collection.

Superbly detailed and paint-decorated square-nailed gameboard, with excellent composition, color and ornamentation.The likely work of an accomplished nineteenth century coach painter.